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“Atelier helped me find truly exceptional tutors for my daughter for Math and Chemistry. Not only were the tutors wonderful teachers, but Silvana is very committed and was unusually prompt in turning around our requests, often on very short notice.”

Diane Liebenson, mother of a 12th grader, Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach (class of 2007)

"I found Atelier to be not only professional and very helpful in finding the right tutor for my child, but extremely caring, concerned, understanding and non-judgmental when discussing my concerns. My son hit it off famously with his tutor and we couldn't have been more pleased with her. I would recommend Atelier to anyone who seriously wants to help their child reach their educational goals."

N. Gold, mother of a 7th grader, Portola Middle School, Tarzana (class of 2012)

“Our daughter just finished her freshman year at The Archer School for Girls. We have relied on Silvana and Atelier Tutors for the past three years and I could not recommend anyone more highly. The personal attention and care with which each tutor was selected for our daughter is absolutely fantastic. Personality types as well as learning styles have always been thoughtfully considered when making a match with our daughter. The tutors have also been highly educated and well trained. With Atelier the sincerity is real and the caring is genuine.”

Karen D., mother of a 9th grader, The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles (class of 2010)

"Atelier Tutors is the only service we trust to work with our struggling student. They found a perfect match. The tutor was enormously helpful and really helped him take control of the learning process, complete and understand his homework, and prepare for testing."

Marie W., Executive Assistant to mother of a 7th grader, Willows Community School,
Culver City (class of 2012)

"We have used many different tutors for our daughter and have had a variety of experiences. Atelier tutors are always excellent and reliable. We are very happy with our daughter's results and plan to continue with this program."

G.S., mother of 8th grader, St. Matthews School, Pacific Palisades (class of 2011)

“I have been using Atelier Tutors for my three children for five years. I have never been disappointed with the quality of tutors that have come to our home. They were all upbeat, knowledgeable, and my kids have always performed better after the help. If any problems arose, the office addressed them rapidly and with dignity. I feel like I can call Silvana and Jeremy and they will always work quickly to find tutors. I have referred friends and they have all been extremely grateful for this fabulous source! Atelier is truly a gold mine for parents that need any kind of academic help for their children!”

Michele Rubin, mother of three children, The Archer School for Girls (class of 2007), Beverly Hills High School (class of 2008) and Harvard Westlake (class of 2010)

"Atelier has terrific tutors who help the student not only learn the subject, but also help relieve the anxiety over taking a test in that subject."

Catherine F., mother of an 8th grader, Culver City Middle School, Culver City (class of 2011)

“We are so happy with the tutors you have sent us over the years. My daughter looks forward to her reading teachers! And […] at the end of 2nd grade she had a cumulative spelling test: 100 words for the entire school year. She got a 96 on the test! I believe this is due to the heads-up on some of the spelling rules she got during her fun tutoring lessons. Thank you!”

Helen Zimmelman., mother of a 3rd grader, Village School, Pacific Palisades (class of 2016)

“Cynthia and my son have such a nice relationship. He really enjoys working with her and has made tremendous progress in just a short amount of time.”

Karen M., mother of a 5th grader, Wildwood School, Los Angeles (class of 2014)

“My son is 16 now and he met Alexandra Guerinaud approximately one year ago. She tutors him once a week. I was not very heartened when my son chose French but once Alexandra came on, his attitude toward French changed. He became much more engaged and has done far better than I’d hoped in a very tough class with a very tough teacher. He really looks forward to his sessions with Alexandra. Somehow, she has been able to engage completely with a boy who’d rather be playing world of warcraft. I recommend her with no reservations.”

Julia Azrael, mother of an 11th grader, Oakwood School, North Hollywood (class of 2009)

"Atelier sent one of the best tutors we've had for AP Chemistry. The young lady was truly devoted to my son's success on the AP Exam, and he earned a "five". She was reliable, flexible in her scheduling, and very knowledgeable. We couldn't have asked for more."

S.F., mother of a 12th grader, Viewpoint School (class of 2007)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Atelier Tutors for the past three years with my two children. Throughout that time and in many varied subjects, I have found the tutors to be of the highest quality and very attuned to the needs of my children. Moreover, the tutors have always been quite flexible if the schedules of my children change or if a sudden quiz or test emerges. I recommend them highly.”

Rae Diamond, mother of two 10th graders, Buckley School, Los Angeles (class of 2010)

“Atelier tutors are the best, cheerful, warm and understanding of a child's needs. We have used Silvana's tutors several times for different needs and have always been very happy. Silvana knows her clients and provides an experienced tutor with the personality and experience suited to the need of each child. Everyone I have recommended Atelier to loves their child's tutor.”

Mary-Dorothy Line, mother of a 6th grader, PS#1 (class of 2014)

“Atelier tutors are outstanding. They are knowledgeable educators who know how to assist students so that they are capable of reaching their full potential. Both of my children have had tutoring in college prep math classes. This assistance has given them confidence in math and they consistently earn A's on assessments and in their math classes. My son Zach has a Spanish tutor. Natividad is exceptional. She has helped my son learn Spanish; in fact, he was rewarded with the Most Improved Spanish 1 student last year. I know that it is Natividad dedication to her students that helped Zach achieve this goal. I highly recommend Atelier Tutors. They are indeed experts in education.”

Elizabeth Topkis, mother of two 9th graders, The Archer School for Girls
and Pacific Hills School (class of 2011)

“Atelier Tutors has been very professional and committed to my son and me. They were very responsive and quick to getting someone to me right away that was a perfect fit for my then Kindergartener. Now that my son is in First Grade he is at grade level thanks to one of their highly knowledgeable tutors. I cannot thank the tutor and the company enough. My son's confidence in reading and writing has massively improved.”

Erika Lee, mother of a 1st grader, Westwood Charter (class of 2019)
tutor with student


"What I like most about Atelier is no matter how last minute my request is for a tutor, they always send someone who is extremely well qualified, friendly and helpful."

Stefanie Saperstein, 11th grader, Harvard-Westlake, North Hollywood (class of 2008)

"Atelier's tutors have helped me overcome challenges that held me back before. Now, I feel more confident
with my work."

A.S. 8th grader, St. Matthews School, Pacific Palisades (class of 2011)

“I really can't say enough good things about Atelier Tutors. I have always had a tutor that is on time, nice, really works to break down the material, and is always trying to figure out ways that I will grasp the subject matter best. Even when I have called for same-day lessons, Atelier has always come through for me. They have amazing tutors and incredible founders. Atelier is truly an agency I can rely on. They follow up after a session, and the few times that I have not entirely "clicked" with a tutor, they have listened to my thoughts, and tried for a better match, successfully every time. In short, they're the best!”

Mimi Gianopulos, 12th grader, The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles (class of 2007)

“Atelier tutors helped bridge the gap from hearing to understanding. Their comprehensive tutoring methods brought me to understand each concept to a degree where I could ultimately teach others. It's that deeper level of comprehension that helped me appreciate learning even more.”

Erin D., 12th grader, Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach (class of 2007)

“Each tutor that Atelier has provided for me has been great! The tutors are always happy to go beyond the assignments and explain in depth in order for me to better understand important concepts. I would recommend their services to anyone who is in need of a tutor, they have the best! A+ to Atelier Tutors.”

Morgan Kozek, 12th grader, The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles (class of 2007)

“Silvana's tutor Lauren Maher made learning Spanish so easy, and I had great success. I needed to learn a full year of Spanish 1a during the summer so that I'd be ready to start my new school and be up to speed with the rest of the class who would be in Spanish 1b. Well, on the first day of school, I almost felt like a geek because I was the only one in class who knew every single answer. :) I would certainly use Silvana again!”

Samantha Rosenwald, 8th grader, The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles (class of 2012)

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