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Delivering quality in-home tutoring for K-12 students in the Los Angeles area

The Atelier Approach

Atelier understands that families ask for tutoring help for a variety of reasons and assigns tutors accordingly.

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We work with students who:

  • Do not understand the subject matter and/or do not have an aptitude for a specific subject.
  • Understand what they have learned, but have trouble applying it.
  • Are doing well in a subject but want to truly excel.
  • Are gifted and wish to explore beyond the boundaries of their classrooms.
  • Need to “fill in the gaps” created by an extended absence or change of schools.
  • Have a learning disability, and require special attention and strategies to stay on track.
  • Are home-schooled and/or take online courses.
  • Need a hand getting organized and staying on track.
  • Simply work better guided patiently one-on-one by an experienced educator.

Atelier pairs students with tutors whose teaching styles and personalities can best motivate them.

Matching the right tutor with your child is of paramount importance to us. Your input is priceless, as nobody knows your child better than you do. We’ll spend the necessary time on the phone,
or in person, to:

  • Discuss your child’s needs.
  • Learn from you about your child’s strengths, habits, fears, interests. likes and dislikes.
  • Share our extensive experience about what works and what doesn’t.
  • Brainstorm to form a plan of action.

Your input and our expertise will result in a great match.

Atelier offers targeted instruction

  • Although your child may go to a wonderful school with great teachers, sometimes it is the large group setting that doesn’t work. It is not the teacher’s fault. We cooperate with many school teachers at the most reputable schools, and we can attest that they are wonderful educators. Yet the teachers themselves realize that at times individualized tutoring outside of school, in the calm and security of one’s home, is necessary.
  • Every student needs something different. One may think all algebra tutoring is the same, but it is not. Some students need revision of the basics; others need to focus on their test-taking skills; yet others need to work on slowing their pace to avoid careless mistakes. Our tutors excel at diagnosing and assessing what is needed and making adjustments.
  • While our tutors have specific teaching styles in the classroom, when working one-on-one, they customize instruction to the specific needs of each individual.

Atelier offers exceptional client service

We offer a boutique-style client service:

  • When you contact our office, we will listen carefully to your concerns and help you to determine whether tutoring is right for your child.
  • We are available to speak on the phone or to meet in person for a complimentary in-house call to better understand your child's needs.
  • We are small enough to know you, your child, and each one of our tutors.
  • We are big enough to have a team of tutors with different skills and specialties so we can find the right match for your child.
  • We care. We return calls and emails promptly.
  • We often are able to fulfill last-minute requests for tutoring. Did your child just get home concerned about tomorrow’s test? Call us and we may be able to send you a professional the same day.
  • We submit one invoice per month – no need to write a check at every session.
  • We use the latest information technology - and it is available to you: we offer round-the-clock access to Atelier’s extranet so you can access your child’s past and upcoming lessons, your tutor’s contact numbers, email, and more.
  • We do regular follow-ups – you will hear from us, as we want to know how your child is progressing and see if there is anything we can do to improve the tutoring experience.
  • We are here for when you have concerns. We can brainstorm together to maximize the effectiveness of the tutoring sessions, whether that requires something as simple as changing the meeting time, or having the tutor change some techniques to better fit your child’s personality and learning style, or even changing tutors.

In a word, our work does not end until your child is learning to the best of his/her ability.

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